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DTE Diesel Tuning Installation instructions 2.0 HDI / 2.2 HDI



1. Preparations


Switch the ignition off.

Wait, until all electric power consumers are switched off.                 

Remove the engine cover (see ill.1).






2. Cable harness installation

Localize the diesel pressure sensor/pressure transducer sensor on the common rail (see ill.2/3). The diesel pressure sensor is a 3-pole contact plug and is concentrically at the common rail. Disconnect the plug.

Connect the cable of the CRD System with the original plug of the common rail. Connect the 12 V cable with the +Pol of the vehicle battery.

Move the cable if possibly splash water protected and avoid attaching in hot engine parts.

Put now the module on the Sub-D connection (see ill.4)






3. Settings -fine adjustment

The system is preset. Normally you will not need to adjust the module.

If you want to increase or reduce the power performance, you will

only need to place the jumper to the left (increased efficiency)

or to the right (reduced power performance). Please contact the manufacturer, before changing the jumper settings.

Now fit the engine cover back on. The vehicle is ready for a test drive.

If you remove the module, you have to plug the null-contact onto

the cable harness or remove the whole tuning system

and restore the original settings, otherwise the vehicle will

not function properly.

You still have questions or you are not quite sure?

Contact us, a technician will gladly help you!



4.4CRD module                                                                                                    FSI S 12V adapter cable



5 installation principle




Above details taken from